About Us

We are a socially responsible company that gives back to make our world a much better place. We ensure all of our community benefits. That we have the best interests of the environment at heart and that we look to build continued trust with our workers, farming partners and suppliers.

Quality means Everything for Us!

As a company and as a team we are dedicated to delivering the ultimate quality organic virgin Coconut oil. We achieve this by partnering with the very best organic coconut famers, by being patient and by only using traditional hand made production processes.

The result of this dedication and patience is a range of Buko organic virgin Coconut oils that we are all genuinely excited about.

Our Promise to You

Is to give you peace of mind. We do this by only using freshly harvested nuts to create the very highest quality organic virgin Coconut oil, without the use of chemicals or without harming the environment.


100% Organic

Our products are 100% organic. We do not use copra but only freshly harvested nuts.


Fair Trade

Our team members and partners are properly rewarded for the labor and services.


High Quality

Our love and respect for our product ensures we only create the highest quality oils.


Lab Tested

All our oil is constantly laboratory tested to ensure it is of the very highest quality.

Fair trade, Fair labor… 

The Philippines is not a rich country but we make sure that all our team members and partners enjoy the success of our company.

We take this responsibility very seriously. Our vision is for our venture to provide a safe and stable platform that delivers social improvement for our entire employee’s and their families.

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S.B Cabahug St.,
Centro, Mandaue City

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032 238 0185

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